Tape Notes

TN:37 Elbow

March 11, 2020

In this episode, John is joined by Guy Garvey and Craig Potter from Elbow, to talk about how ‘Giants of All Sizes’ was written and recorded. 

Craig and Guy look back at some of the sessions tracked over a two year period, reflecting on what was an emotionally challenging time for Guy and how this influenced the writing and mood of the record - something grittier and more contemplative than previous Elbow albums. We get to hear early demos and track break breakdowns, plus bags of wisdom from the big man. 

Listen to find out how the band channelled their feminine energy, how a monorail journey ended up as a drumbeat, and what happens if you drunkenly text Elvis Costello in the middle of the night. 

Songs: Seven Veils, Dexter and Sinister, On Deronda Road 


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