Tape Notes

TN:36 These New Puritans

March 4, 2020

In this episode John is joined by twin brothers Jack and George Barnett, AKA experimental art-rock music duo These New Puritans, to talk about how they wrote, recorded and produced the album ‘Inside The Rose’. 

The boys look back on making music together in their attic as children and uncover some of the many sketches and demos versions created whilst recording the album. We get to hear the moment Jack woke from a dream with a fresh melody composed within his slumber in addition to their general philosophy on writing and recording as TNP. 

Listen to find out why jack had to avoid barking attack dogs whilst recording in Berlin, what Harmonic Re-synthesis is, and why some sessions were hospital inducing experiences. 

Tracks discussed: Infinity Vibraphones, Where the Trees are on Fire, A-R-P