Tape Notes

TN:34 Mura Masa

February 19, 2020

Returning for another season, John is joined by electronic music producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Crossan A.K.A Mura Masa.

Catching up at Iguana Studios, Alex invites us behind the curtain and reveals how his latest album R.Y.C was recorded and produced. We get to hear intimate track breakdowns - including a brilliant dive into the early takes of the Slowthai collaboration ‘Deal Wiv It’ - plus copious amounts of philosophical musings on what it takes to write a Mura Masa track and music production in general.

Listen to find out why a Patrick Fitzgerald sample worked it’s way into ‘Deal Wiv It’, when you really know a track is finished, and why Alex’s girlfriend is a wise lady.


Tracks discussed: Deal Wiv It, Live Like We’re Dancing, Teenage Headache Dreams.


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