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TN:35 Friendly Fires & Mark Ralph

February 26, 2020

Friendly Fires’ Inflorescent is packed with tightly woven beats and hard-hitting nostalgia. In a city spanning episode, John catches up with the band along with super star producer Mark Ralph (Tom Walker, Clean Bandit, Years & Years) at Iguana Studios and Mark’s Studio, Club Ralph, to talk about how they recorded and produced the album. 

The boys explore everything from what survived in the demos recorded in Ed’s mum’s house, to how blending recording techniques with synths and drum machines helped them create their joyful blend of house and funk. 

Hear how tracking each individual drum and ‘talent boosting’ your own performances is never a bad thing, and how Rick Astley and Barry White left their mark the record. 


Tracks discussed: Love Like Waves, Can’t Wait Forever, Almost Midnight 


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