Tape Notes

TN:31 Jamie Lidell

November 27, 2019

In this episode John links up with producer/musician & podcaster Jamie Lidell in his Nashville studio to talk about how he records and produces his music. 

Dusting off his old G4 mac, Jamie delves into the archives and revisits some classics from the albums Multiply and Jim in addition to some of his more recent work. We get to hear fascinating track breakdowns revealing the techniques and methods he uses when writing and recording. 

Listen to hear why Jamie’s music is influenced heavily by working with his friends, how the falling of the Berlin wall landed him a special microphone, and how Another Day transformed from a whiskey fuelled experiment to a sunny upbeat toe-tapper, all thanks to some late night carrot chopping. 

Tracks discussed: Multiply, Another Day, When I come Back Around, A Rose. 


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